Individuals are often curious about their intelligence and how they rank according to their peers. Highly intelligent individuals sometimes gain acceptance into societies or want to associate with similar intelligent people. This curiosity has led to a revival of interest about the Wonderlic test. This test, previously discussed in the context of jobs and football, has become a way for the general public to quickly gain an idea about just how intelligent they are.

What is the Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic is a multiple choice test devised as a sort of miniature proxy of a larger intelligence quotient test. Considerable IQ tests often take time and have a wide variety of questions. The Wonderlic test is more limited and functional. IQ tests have a wide range of potential questions and ways of measuring the intelligence of an individual. Some tests have begun to incorporate different types of learning and expression to make the test a better representation of research about knowledge and backgrounds. The Wonderlic, on the other hand, is a more basic test that scans for the ability to learn, reason, and perform basic work tasks. Questions on the Wonderlic include logic puzzles, word definitions, and basic math. These questions are designed to be more difficult as the test progresses.

Score Range for the Wonderlic

The Wonderlic test score range is similar to the score range for a general intelligence quotient test. While the median IQ score is 100, the median score for the Wonderlic is 20. A score of 10 indicates that an individual is functionally literate. A good score on the Wonderlic would be over 30. Smaller and smaller percentages of individuals score above 30 on the test. Unlike the intelligence quotient test, an individual can possibly get a perfect Wonderlic test score if they answered all questions correctly. This perfect score of 50 would indicate well-above-average intelligence.

An average Wonderlic test score will often vary by profession. Highly-skilled positions such as systems analysts and chemists have average Wonderlic scores over 30. Other professions that require fewer skills may have Wonderlic scores around barely literate levels. NFL players often have a wide range of Wonderlic scores that are not necessarily related to their positions. Individuals in the NFL have scored everything from a 4 to a perfect score on this test. The score of NFL players has not always matched their success in the league. However, some of the best players in NFL history have scored exceptionally well on the test.

How to Excel

The best way to excel at the Wonderlic is to take it seriously and prepare one’s body for taking the test. This process involves getting an adequate amount of sleep and eating and drinking prior to the test. An individual should also make sure they are dressed comfortably and have proper posture. Besides these preliminary actions, there is little else that an individual can do to prepare. The Wonderlic is meant to test skills and intelligence rather than the ability to absorb information or apply learned concepts.

Individuals are understandably curious about their Wonderlic scores. It is fascinating that a short test can tell an individual so much about their intelligence in such a short period of time. Individuals who are prepared to take the test should be comfortable but not too worried. The Wonderlic test, as a tool for professionals and football teams alike, measures innate abilities that people cannot study for.