The Wonderlic Personnel Test (or WPT-R as it’s also known) is one of, if not the most used cognitive ability test in the world. Translated to a dozen different languages, the Wonderlic Personnel Test is designed to measure a person’s general mental capabilities and is used by employers to gauge a person’s abilities to perform on the job. The test is designed to measure a person’s ability to:

  • Learn
  • Adapt
  • Problem solve
  • Understand instructions

Many employers utilize this as part of their hiring process to better assess their candidates. Using the WPT-R during the hiring process can help businesses improve their ability to hire and maintain qualified workers, reduce training time, and increase productivity.

It’s likely you came to this site after learning that you may have to take this version of the Wonderlic Test, and fortunately, we can assist you with your test preparation.

Take a Sample Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R)

The above test matches the actual Wonderlic Personnel Test in the types of questions you’ll be asked, as well as the number of questions and allotted time. This test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 12 minutes or less. It’s possible you may take a shortened version of the test, known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest, which is an abbreviated 30 question test to be completed in 8 minutes. In either test, each correct answer earns you a point. Incorrect and unanswered questions are worth no points. Thus, the maximum score is a 50 for the test, with a minimum score of zero.

This is a 50-question sample Wonderlic® Quiz which provides questions similar to that of the real test.  You will have 12 minutes (720 seconds) to answer 50 questions.  You score 1 point for each correct answer.  Your time will start as soon as the next page loads.  Good luck!

Wonderlic Personnel Test Scores

When you take the Wonderlic Personnel Test you’ll be doing it on location with a person acting as a proctor, telling you when to begin and when to stop. They will collect your test, and depending on the organization, you may or may not be allowed to see your Wonderlic Test score.

Depending on the occupation, the average score, or what’s considered a “good score” can vary widely. Below is a list of some average scores on the WPT-R by profession:

Profession Average Score
Systems Analyst 32
Chemist 31
Electrical Engineer 30
Engineer 29
Programmer 29
Accountant 28
Executive 28
Reporter 28
Teacher 28
Copywriter 27
Investment Analyst 27
Librarian 27
Electronics Technician 26
Salesperson 25
Secretary 24
Dispatcher 23
Drafter 23
Electrician 23
Nurse 23
Bank teller 22
Cashier 21
Firefighter 21
Clerical Worker 21
Machinist 21
Receptionist 21
Train conductor 21
Craftsman 18
Security guard 17
Welder 17
Warehouseman 15
Janitor 14

An average score on the test is a 20. Much like an IQ test, there are also clear breaks in the percentile of scores of what would be considered elite. Whereas an IQ of 137 or above would get you into the top 1 percent of human intelligence, the top percent of scores in the Wonderlic Test starts at 37. Regardless, the chart above may be seen as a helpful guide as to what scores you should aim for if the employer doesn’t give you an explicit target before taking the exam. Like other standardized testing, it’s good to have a goal in mind before taking the test and a battle plan for preparing yourself to succeed.

How To Prepare for the Wonderlic Personnel Test

The best way to prepare for the Wonderlic Personnel Test is by familiarizing yourself with the test by taking practice tests (like the ones available on this site) and by familiarizing yourself with the question types.

We recommend that the practice tests you use have a timing element to them. One of the biggest issues people have with the test is leaving too many questions unanswered. Less than five percent of people will actually complete the test, so it’s important to practice in a situation as similar as possible to the real test. Getting your internal clock dialed in to know when you’re lingering too long on a single question is vital. Making a few educated guesses and completing the test will lead to better scores than dwelling on a couple of questions to make sure you get them right.

Another important thing is to make note of the types of questions you struggle on during the practice test. There are four main types of questions – math word problems, logic questions, verbal reasoning, and general facts. If you find yourself struggling in a certain area, for example math, you can find lessons online to refresh your understanding of things like ratios and percentages that you may have not had to do in your head or by hand in many years. It’s important to know that any math you perform will be done without a calculator as they are not allowed during the Wonderlic Personnel Test. So practice accordingly.