The Wonderlic test is an intelligence test that is usually by many employers to determine their ability to do the job. Most of the questions on the Wonderlic test are designed to determine the logic problem-solving skills of the test taker. While the Wonderlic test has been around since 1936, it has gained prominence over recent years thanks to it use by every team in the NFL.

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The Wonderlic test is given to college football players looking to enter the National Football League at their Scouting Combine. Every NFL team uses the information learned from the Wonderlic test and training drills at the Scouting Combine to determine when they would feel comfortable drafting each player in the upcoming NFL draft.

While every player ends up taking the Wonderlic test before they enter the NFL draft, most NFL teams are only interested in the scores of the quarterbacks. Since the quarterbacks have to learn the entire playbook and make tough decisions on the field each play, they need a high level of intelligence in order to succeed in the NFL. Combing a high score on the test with great skills will get a quarterback selected near the top of the draft.

There has not been much evidence to prove a correlation between a high score with a great performance on the field, even at the quarterback position. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48 out of 50 on his Wonderlic test before getting drafted in the 7th round of the 2005 NFL draft. While Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a solid NFL career, he has never been a superstar player despite his high intelligence.

take the 50 question wonderlic test

Donovan McNabb only scored a 14 on his Wonderlic test, which is one of the lowest scores ever recorded by a quarterback. Despite this horrible score, McNabb was still able to go on to a very successful career in the NFL. Frank Gore is having a Hall of Fame career despite only scoring a 6 on the Wonderlic test, the second-lowest score of all-time. Despite the lack of correlation between intelligence and performance, the NFL will continue to use the Wonderlic test as they scout players at the combine.

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