The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is an exam that is required for consideration to many different occupations and occasionally for entry into certain academic programs. It has perhaps been made most famous by the fact that the National Football League uses the test as part of their evaluation process during the annual player combine before the NFL draft. If you’ve learned that you will be taking the test soon you’d do yourself well to look around online for sites like this one that offer Wonderlic sample questions so you can practice for the real test. We have a couple of different practice test options on this site that don’t require you to sign up to start. Follow the links to take a quick Wonderlic practice test or a full 50 question, 12-minute practice test. No time to go through the timed Wonderlic practice questions? No worries. Part of performing well on this test is knowing what common test questions are present on it. Among the 50-part test you will usually come across these types of questions:

Word Problems

Word problems tend to be mathematics problems laid out in a few sentences. These questions will test your ability to use fractions, decimals, and algebra. You won’t have the ability to use a calculator, so it’s important to practice on your free Wonderlic practice questions the same way you’d be taking the test – doing calculations with a pencil and paper. An example question can be seen below:

Joe is half of Josh’s age. If Joe is 11, how old will Josh be in 5 years?

If Joe is half of Josh’s age, Josh’s age would be 11 x 2 = 22 years old. So in five years Josh would be 22 + 5 = 27 years old.

Logic Questions

You will encounter a host of logic and reasoning questions within this test. This portion of the test will measure your ability to make logical decisions. Naturally, there are many schools and employers that have a strong desire for individuals to have demonstrable logic skills. A sample logic question would be something along the lines of:

All employees of Walmart wear a blue vest. The man in Walmart is wearing blue pants. Does the man work at Walmart?

Following the logic of the question, the individual wearing blue pants may or may not work at Walmart as no mention is made of him wearing a vest. So, in this instance, the answer would be neither true or false, but uncertain.

General Facts and Quick Recognition Questions

These questions will require you to not only answer general knowledge questions but to also be aware of such things as the correct ordering of dates and the ability to quickly identify patterns. Wonderlic test questions of this type will usually include something along the lines of:

Which of the following is the earliest date:

  • June 21, 1989
  • June 11, 1988
  • June 20, 1988
  • July 20, 1988
  • June 12, 1988

The correct answer here would be June 12, 1988. Naturally, this question will measure your ability to look at dates and differentiate them from various similar numbers.

Verbal Reasoning Questions

The verbal reasoning questions you see on a sample Wonderlic test, as well as the real test, can be time-consuming so it’s important to brush up on them so they don’t consume too much of your allotted 12 minutes during the test. While it’s important to answer questions quickly, it’s important to read verbal reasoning questions very carefully so you fully understand what you are being asked. The verbal reasoning questions are designed to trip you up with their word usage. Moreover, be sure to avoid making assumptions. Try to avoid using general, anecdotal knowledge simply because it might not always hold true in every situation. Simply look at the situation WITHIN the question itself. An example question can be seen below:

Bob’s manufacturing hires part-time employees in the summer to have more workers in their shipping staff. Bob’s manufacturing makes patio umbrellas for hotels. Many full-time workers at Bob’s manufacturing take vacation during the summer. Is the following statement true, false or uncertain?

Bob’s manufacturing hires part-time employees in the summer to take the jobs of full-time workers.

The answer here is false. While many full-time workers are on vacation, the question clearly states that the part-time employees are in addition to the staff, not a replacement for the workers going on vacation.

These are the basic question types you’ll see as you take the test. Practicing them regularly should help you increase your Wonderlic score and hopefully beat the average Wonderlic test score of 20 and help you achieve the job placement or educational opportunity you’re seeking.