Quick Wonderlic Test

This is a sample Wonderlic® Quiz which provides questions similar to that of the real test.  You will have 2.4 minutes (144 seconds) to answer 10 question`s.  You score 1 point for each correct answer.  Your time will start as soon as the next page loads.  Good luck!

This is the “quick” version of our free Wonderlic test.  This version was created for people who want to spend a very short time (less than 2.5 minutes) to get an idea of what the real Wonderlic test is like and the level of difficulty of the questions.  Do not be fooled, however!  You will still have only about 14 seconds per question so you had better read quickly, think quickly, and answer quickly!

This shortened version of the Wonderlic test is not officially given during any career placement assessments and it is not the version which is taken during the NFL Combine each spring.  If you are interested in the full version of the Wonderlic test, check out our Full Wonderlic Test page.  That version will give you the full 12-minute, 50 question experience and it is certainly challenging.  We also have a test tips page which will allow you to read our best test tips for taking the Wonderlic.  Good luck!