Are you preparing to take the Wonderlic Test? This popular exam is often administered to prospective employees by institutions to test their intelligence, competence, and ability to make rational decisions quickly. Not only are entry-level workers assessed through the Wonderlic Test, but even the National Football League uses the Wonderlic Test to evaluate players. Preparation is a key strategy. Consider this list of Wonderlic test tips to help you excel.

Take a Practice Test

The Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes. If you want to ensure that you score well on the test, you can take a practice test and time yourself. On average, you have about 14 seconds to choose a response for each question. Make it a goal to answer all of the questions as strategically as possible on the practice test to improve your chances of scoring well on the real test.

What really helps with the Wonderlic Test is that you can take a sample Wonderlic test online or offline to gauge your abilities. Taking a timed Wonderlic practice exam can provide superb feedback on your current abilities. Feel free to take more than one practice test until you build greater confidence in your ability to score well.

Improve Your English and Mathematical Skills

There are many Wonderlic test tips out there, but improving your English and Mathematical skills are fundamental for success. A vast amount of questions assess reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. If it has been years since you solved an equation in math class, it is imperative that you brush up on your algebra skills to do well.

After taking a practice test, you can identify specific areas that need improvement. Once you know where your weak academic areas are, you can take steps to focus the core of your study on those subjects to increase your Wonderlic score.

Grab a Study Manual

A Wonderlic study guide is an excellent option to help you get ready for the test. Not only do study guides contain practice questions for you to utilize, but many include a sample test or two as well. A great study guide is often packed with Wonderlic test tips that you can put into action immediately.

Don’t Lose Time In Frustration

Many test takers find themselves stumped on a particular question, and end up wasting valuable time trying to figure it out. Keep in mind that questions gradually become more difficult as the Wonderlic Test progresses. With the 12-minute time limit, you cannot afford to hesitate too long on any item. After reading the question carefully, use the process of elimination, select the best answer, and move forward.

Leave No Question Unanswered

In the Wonderlic test, it is essential that you answer every question. If you leave an item blank, it is automatically marked as incorrect. However, if you attempt to guess the answer, you at least increase your chances of getting the answer right. Fortunately, Wonderlic Test takers are not penalized for wrong responses. If you want to stack up the points in your favor, aim to answer every single question to the best of your knowledge.

Get Adequate Sleep

No test taker is in a prime position to be evaluated without the proper sleep. if you want to excel on the Wonderlic test, you must make sure that you are well-rested before the test date. Staying up all night, or attempting to cram hours before taking the test is an exercise in frustration. However, getting a good night’s rest can help you stay alert and score higher on the exam.

The Wonderlic Test has many similarities to other popular academic exams, but what sets it apart is that it a quick exam that is regularly used by employers to determine if an individual is suitable for a particular position or team. With every exam, adequate preparation is necessary to succeed. The more you improve your skills and practice, the easier it is to achieve a decent score during the actual Wonderlic Test.