Many employers use the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, or WBST, as part of their application process to measure the job applicants’ verbal skills and math skills. If you’ve applied for a job or an educational program that will require you to take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, we’re here to help with a number of different free Wonderlic practice tests to help you excel when it’s time for you to take the exam.

This is a 50-question sample Wonderlic® Quiz which provides questions similar to that of the real test.  You will have 12 minutes (720 seconds) to answer 50 questions.  You score 1 point for each correct answer.  Your time will start as soon as the next page loads.  Good luck!

What is the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is a short-form exam designed to assess the test taker’s math skills and language/verbal skills at a high school level. The test consists of 50 questions to be completed in 12 minutes. In addition to being used to assess applicants for many entry level jobs, some academic programs also use this as part of their evaluation process.

How is the WBST Different from Other Wonderlic Tests?

The basic format of the Basic Skills Test mirrors that of the other Wonderlic tests, it’s just that the scope is more defined than, say, the Wonderlic Personnel Test which includes a broader range of questions including logic and reasoning questions. As mentioned above, the focus here is on verbal skills and math skills, and even that is within the scope of high school level skills. The WBST is a proctored test, so there will be an administrator in the room while you take the test making sure that all guidelines are followed, such as making sure that no test takers are using a calculator, which is not allowed.

What Types of Questions are on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test includes verbal and quantitative questions. A couple of sample questions are listed below to assist you in your test preparation.

Sample question #1

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

When we finished watching the movie we decided it was time for ____________. Afterward, everyone agreed they were full.

A. lunch
B. singing
C. exercise
D. grills

Language/verbal question types also can include the following types of questions:

  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence completion and construction
  • Following instructions
  • Grammar correction

Sample question #2

Evelyn has 2,148 marbles in her collection. She decided to give her friend Byron 1/6 of her collection. How many Marbles was Evelyn left with?

A. 600
B. 1790
C. 358
D. 1477

Quantitative questions can include the following question types:

  • Basic math and arithmetic
  • Calculating ratios, proportions and percentages
  • Basic geometry, expressions and equations

How To Pass The WBST

While there are many Wonderlic study guides available on the web, one of the best things you can do to prepare is to take a free sample test like the ones available on this site. What makes this test so helpful is that it provides a timing function, which is what most people struggle with when taking the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. With 50 questions and only 12 minutes, time runs out quickly and if you’re not used to the time pressure it’s easy to leave questions unanswered.

Less than five percent of test takers will complete all of the questions, so it’s important to develop a strategy for dealing with questions that are taking you too long to complete. Your score report will take a hit if you leave questions unanswered, as you receive no points for unanswered questions. So rather than spending a minute to get one question right, it can be a better idea to narrow down potential answers, make an educated guess and work on quickly completing two or three more questions that are easier to solve. Ultimately, the more questions you get to and can quickly answer or make an educated guess will improve your chances of achieving a good score.