Are you about to take the Wonderlic test? NFL players are known for taking the Wonderlic, but average Joes and Janes like us also have to take it. Potential employers often weave it into their job application process and existing employers often use it as a metric for deciding who to promote. We have several Wonderlic test taking tips to help improve your Wonderlic test score.

1. Take Practice Tests

Can’t stress this enough – Prepare by practicing! Find as many different Wonderlic tests as possible and take them all. With more practice means you’ll get a better sense of how quickly you have to move through each question and there will be less of an element of surprise with different question formats and unique question types.
take the 50 question wonderlic test

2. Take Practice Tests With the Clock Running

The Wonderlic test is about problem solving quickly, and most people who struggle on the Wonderlic struggle because they have issues with clock management. 50 questions in 12 minutes is not a lot of time – you only have 14.4 seconds to complete each question. That said, you may find that some questions take 5 seconds to answer while others can take upwards of 20-30. Learning the specific kinds of questions that are both easy and time consuming can help with overall time management.

3. Learn How To Get Through the “Fluff”

Many logic questions on the test have a lot of unnecessary information intentionally plugged into the question. “Sally has 3 oranges, Billy has twice as many oranges as Sally, Sarah has six apples, how many oranges do Sally and Billy have combined”. Learning how to ignore information is just as important as identifying the important parts of a question, and the best way to practice this is by taking practice questions.

4. Don’t Use a Calculator

If you’re practicing using a calculator you’re going to be in for a rude awakening when you actually take the test. Calculators are not permitted, and Wonderlic tests takers are typically monitored (so don’t even think about cheating). Instead write out your math on scratch paper, which is definitely permitted during the test. Math questions won’t get more advanced than using simple algebra, so learning how to jot down numbers and solve the problem on paper will make the Wonderlic math questions go by much faster.

5. Guess If You Have To

When taking the test it doesn’t hurt to guess on answers, assuming you aren’t doing it on every question. It may actually be the best option in your current situation. Once again, time is the biggest enemy so the last thing you want to do is spend a minute on a question that you’re going to get wrong anyway.

Whatever you do, don’t finish the test with questions left unanswered. You don’t get bonus points for not getting answers wrong, so if you really are nearing the end of the test and have many questions unanswered then it’s time to start guessing.

6. Relax

There’s only so much you can do to prepare for a standardized test. Know that you are familiar with the structure of the test, the amount of time you can spend on each question and the kinds of questions to expect. It will all be over in 12 minutes, so the one thing you don’t want to do is freak out right before starting.

Best of luck!