This is a free version of the Wonderlic Test that is taken by users all over the world to assess aptitude for various professions. This Wonderlic practice test is comprised of 50 questions and you have 12 minutes to complete it. Once you click the button the test starts…so have at it!

Don’t have the time to take the full-length Wonderlic sample test? Try our quick sample Wonderlic Test instead! This test is comprised of 10 questions. You’d better be quick! There is a strict 2.4 minute time limit on this test! Once you click the button the test starts. Have fun and good luck!

Wonderlic Test Questions

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is an exam that is required for consideration to many different occupations and occasionally for entry into certain academic programs. It has perhaps been made most famous by the fact that the National Football League uses the test...

What’s the Difference Between Wonderlic Test Versions?

Finding the best person for the job is hard, isn't it? Making hiring decisions for a business -- or even an NFL team -- can sometimes feel like guesswork. Luckily, the Wonderlic test turns hiring from an art to a science. In twelve minutes, a Wonderlic test can help...

How To Excel On The Wonderlic Test

Are you preparing to take the Wonderlic Test? This popular exam is often administered to prospective employees by institutions to test their intelligence, competence, and ability to make rational decisions quickly. Not only are entry-level workers assessed through the...

Wonderlic Test Scores Explained

Individuals are often curious about their intelligence and how they rank according to their peers. Highly intelligent individuals sometimes gain acceptance into societies or want to associate with similar intelligent people. This curiosity has led to a revival of...

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is an aptitude test, though it often gets confused as an IQ test. The Wonderlic Test is used by businesses and schools to gauge a person’s cognitive abilities and aptitude. Developed by Eldon F. Wonderlic in 1936, the exam was first referred to as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. This site enables you to take a free practice Wonderlic Test with an interactive, timed quiz very similar to the official Wonderlic Tests used to calculate the scores of NFL players. Take a shot at either the 10 question or 50 question Wonderlic sample test and decide for yourself if you can outsmart football’s top players. Please note, the 10 question test provides a projected score you would attain based on a 50 question test, though it may not accurately reflect the score you would achieve on the full test.



About the Wonderlic Test

Wonderlic Test Frequently Asked Questions

Who Takes the Wonderlic Test and Why?

Eldon Wonderlic designed the test initially to aid businesses in selecting employees, and while the test has undergone many revisions and spawned variations like the popular Wonderlic Employee Personality Test and the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, the Wonderlic Personnel Test has historically been used by businesses, the military, and most famously by the NFL to aid in assessing an employee’s mental abilities. Many job applicants will find this as part of their initial employee evaluation along with formalities like interviews and background checks.

What is the Format of the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test format is 50 multiple choice answers with a 12-minute time limit. There is also a shorter version of the Wonderlic Personnel Test, known as the WPT-Q (with the Q standing for “Quick”) which contains 30 questions to be answered in 8 minutes. The goal of each test is to help an organization gauge the test taker’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems, and test their overall cognitive abilities. One of the things that makes the test difficult is how little time is allowed to solve each question. The 50 question test allows for an average of only 14.4 seconds per answer to complete every question. It’s been stated in the past that 3% or fewer people who take the test will complete all 50 questions.

How Is the Wonderlic Test Scored?

Test scoring is remarkably straightforward. Every correct answer earns one point, while an incorrect or incomplete answer is worth no points. The total score is simply the total number of correct answers completed within the time limit.

What is a Good Score on the Wonderlic Test?

For the full 50 question test, the average score is generally considered to be 20 or 21. Depending on the type of job you’re trying to get, or the type of school you’re trying to get into, a “good score” is dependent on their standards. For example, the average score for a nurse is a 23, while a Systems Analyst position would have an average score of 32. In general, if you can achieve a score in the high 20s or 30s, your score will be at or above the 80th percentile, which is well above average. The distribution chart below shows where scores fall based on percentiles of those who have taken the Wonderlic.

Can I "Beat" The Wonderlic?

The best way to perform well on the Wonderlic Test is to prepare diligently. Utilize free practice tests like the ones on this site to familiarize yourself with the different types of questions. Identify question types that you struggle to answer quickly and work on the skills to help you answer those questions more quickly. So, for example, if you find yourself struggling with logic questions, write down a list, or seek out logic specific questions available online to brush up on those skills until you can confidently answer those types of questions. Practice with a timer. As mentioned previously, most people don’t answer all of the questions, which decreases your chances of achieving a high score. Every unanswered question is a lost opportunity to increase your score. If you have a good feeling for the test’s timing you should have a better chance of finishing the test, and if you know you’re running behind you can at least guess on the last few questions to give yourself an opportunity for more correct answers.

Is The Wonderlic Test Used In The NFL?

The Wonderlic Test has been a staple of the NFL Draft Combine for years after legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry initially made it a part of their in house evaluation process. Slowly the rest of the league adopted the practice and it has been a part of the NFL for many years now. Now, each year before the draft, the Wonderlic scores are widely covered by the media, from Johnny Manziel’s 32 to Jameis Winston’s 27.

Example Wonderlic Questions

There are four basic types of questions you’ll encounter on the real test.  We’ll provide an example
of each below to help familiarize you with the test.

These questions are designed to test your ability to make quick decisions, identify patterns and test your basic knowledge of common subjects.

What is the earliest date in this list:

  • August 6, 1878
  • 8/7/1877
  • July 9, 1879
  • 8/8/1878

Correct Answer:  8/7/1877

A good strategy for this type of question might be to look through the list of years first without worrying about the month or date.  In this case, 1877 is the smallest year number and there is only one answer choice with this year.  So, without even considering the month and date you already have the correct answer because the year number is lowest.

Wonderlic logic questions will test your ability to use deductive reasoning and understand and recognize spatial concepts.

If the first two statements are true, then the third statement is true? false? not certain?

  • A woman works at Tonya’s Art Supply Store.
  • All the employees at the store wear green aprons.
  • The woman wears blue shirts.

Correct Answer:  Not certain.

The information given about the workers at Tonya’s Art Supply Store deals with aprons.  The question does not state anything about shirt color.  Therefore not enough information is present to answer the question completely.  Hence, not certain.

These questions are designed to test an individual’s language skills by making them identify analogies, synonyms and comparing proverbs.

Are the following two words similar, contradictory, or not related?

  • Familiar
  • Obscure

Correct Answer:  Contradictory

Something that is familiar is well known.  Something that is obscure is hidden or not known well.  Therefore the words are contradictory to one another.

The Wonderlic test will also contain a number of mathematical word problems which will test your mathematical abilities with questions covering operations using fractions, decimals , and algebra. To succeed you’ll need to be able to quickly calculate averages, ratios, and percentages. Calculations must be done manually with a pencil and paper, no calculators are allowed during the Wonderlic Test.

Melvin got a 25% increase in his salary. If his salary was $1,800 what is his new salary?

  • $1,825
  • $2,250
  • $2,160
  • $2,800

Correct Answer:  $2,250

 In this case we would have to find 25% (or one quarter) of $1,800…that would be $450.  Then we add the $450 back in to the $1,800 to get a final result of $2,250.